When applying for employment visa, applicants need undergoing certain medical examinations including X-Rays as a proof of good health. While the X-Ray is performed to check for tuberculosis (TB), medical tests usually include complete blood count to diagnose certain anomalies. Here’s what you need to know about medical test for employment in Abu Dhabi, UAE!

When to have a chest X-Ray?

If an applicant belongs to a country with higher risk of tuberculosis or perhaps recently visited the place, chest X-Ray is a must when applying for employment whether in the UAE or any other country. In case your stay in Abu Dhabi is due for six months or more, a chest X-Ray is required if the following criterions are matched;

-        Applicant is a citizen of a country with higher incidences of TB

-        Candidate have spent more than three months during the last five years in a country highly prone to tuberculosis

Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Limited Visa

No matter the duration of stay, medical test for employment in Abu Dhabi is crucial if someone’s applying for a Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Limited Visa. This holds true if;

-        Applicant is staying for at least an year

-        If duration of stay exceeds 12 months, application is for residency or for long-term employment that exceeds one year

Remember that rules may vary if the application is filed against Student Visa.

For a Student Visa

If you’re applying for a Student Visa, a chest X-Ray is needed if any of the following criterions holds true;

-        Duration of the stay is six months or more as well as when applicant’s a citizen where tuberculosis incidences are higher

-        Applicant have spent more than three years during the past five years in a country prone to TB

When to have a medical examination?

A complete medical test for employment in Abu Dhabi is required mostly when the stay exceeds more than 12 months. Medical certificate is also provided under long-term residential plans. There’re students who pursue education alongside the employment and rules are a bit different.

Read below for clarification!

-        When initial application is for a student visa enrolled in a programme such as PhD or perhaps an exchange student

-        Medical history indicating previous dosage of intravenous drugs

-        Applicant underwent blood transfusion

-        Previous exposure to a highly infectious disease

-        When application is filed against RSE Limited Visa or;

-        If state laws made it a compulsory requisite

In fact, seasonal workers are also required to have themselves checked for risk factors of HIV.

Significance of medical test for employment in Abu Dhabi

A “Fit to Work” medical certificate is a proof of good health and goodwill that’s ought to land a job in a country other than your own. Note that job offer can be annulled or delayed if medical results aren’t satisfactory.


Good health isn’t just important for physical wellbeing but crucial for career as well. Secure a healthy lifestyle by undergoing medical tests before moving in another country either for living, employment or study.

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