Bodybuilders, the middle-aged, and those who are trying to lose weight will benefit from a high-protein diet the most. This type of meal plan has proven to be exceedingly efficient for enhancing muscle growth and fat burning.

If you are worried about the rumors of high-protein diet being dangerous, fear not. A massive cross-study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism proves that this diet is not only safe. This meal plan also doesn’t lead to fat gain despite the increase in calorie intake.

Why Is High-Protein Diet Good for You?

Benefits of high-protein diet vary in different situations. For bodybuilders and other people whose main goal is increasing muscle mass, the answer is simple. Proteins are what the muscles are made of. Therefore, this diet provides you with an abundance of ‘building materials’ that you can put to use through resistance training.

In the meantime, a well-balanced diet also provides you with all other essential nutrients, so you get excess of proteins without losing anything important. A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition even indicates that exceeding the recommended daily protein intake by four times has no ill effects.

As to the other benefits of high-protein diet, have you ever wondered how to control your appetite to lose weight? Increasing your protein intake, especially in the mornings, increases the sense of satiety. That’s one of the main reasons why this meal plan is effective for weight loss.

Protein-rich meals also don’t cause spikes in blood sugar levels, which also helps reduce hunger and also benefits your general health. Yet they serve as a good source of energy and will fuel your weight loss workouts efficiently.

As to the middle-aged people, they can benefit from a high-protein diet because it helps counteract the natural reduction in muscle mass caused by aging. The older you get, the more protein you should be eating. It’s also a plus that it’s easier for your body to digest than complex carbs.

Is High-Protein Diet All Good?

Unfortunately, not all proteins are made equal. That’s why it’s essential to understand that you need to develop not only a ‘high-protein diet’ but a ‘healthy high-protein diet’. The difference mainly lies in the source of proteins.

Wile animal proteins are complete and therefore more efficient as muscle building blocks, they also come hand in hand with lots of fat. This means that living on a diet of steaks, while good for muscle building, will be very bad for your heart and longevity.

The best proteins for health are those from legumes, but they are ‘incomplete’ and therefore aren’t as effective for bodybuilders. You can rectify this by combining your servings of legumes with brown rice and various healthy whole grains and nuts. If you aren’t a vegan/vegetarian, you can also make complete proteins by combining legumes and with yogurt, fish, eggs, and lean meat. If you are a 100% carnivore, chicken and turkey breasts as well as lean grass-fed beef are the best options for you. Lamb is also a good type of meat for muscle building and weight loss, and you shouldn’t forget about fish. Note that quinoa and amaranth contain complete proteins despite being plants.

You also shouldn’t forget that aside from high levels of protein, your diet should provide all essential micro (vitamins and minerals) and macro-elements (carbs and healthy fats).

Published by Emily Rose