~I Am Done~

I swear sometimes I think to myself that I would never love again. I have been in so many failed relationships until I am to a point of where I just don't want to be bothered anymore. 

I think of the thought of being in a relationship and I instantly get irritated by the thought of all of the drama that I have went through in my past. One relationship the guy was more in the streets than he was with me. 

A second relationship the guy spent more time on Facebook being a whore than he spent with me and well the last relationship the guy was so emotionally scared he ended up back with his baby momma when I decided that I just couldn't deal anymore. 

Regardless to how much I truly did love the dude and wanted to be his wife I just couldn't deal with whatever he was going through no matter how much I loved him he didn't seem to love himself so I set him free.

I have been brokenhearted so many times until I just don't think being in a relationship or trying to love again is just not truly worth my time anymore.

My heart is numb and my soul is gone on vacation. I am not one to be mean to people I don't cast off life, love, and relationships. I normally take a licking and keep on ticking and well now I just tired...

Tired of the Lies
Tired of the Bullshit
Tired of the fake ass "I Love Yous" 
Tired of hearing "Your the only one for me."
Tired of men sending me songs saying that this is how they feel and me being the dumb duck and believing them...
Just Fucking Tired...

When it is okay to trust again,
When it is okay to allow some back into my space, my heart...

I have lost all hope and trust when it comes to relationships 
I don't mind having friends and having friendly conversation
My heart is behind a barrier and well it is going to stay there until my God tells me different....

I have never felt this feeling before.
I have never felt so alone
So misunderstood
So confused...

When I was younger I was able to love and live and love some more and now its so totally different.
I am more slower at life, 
Learning to take my time when it comes to my heart and the way it is handled.
I have loved far and in between and I have loved hard and have always gotten my heart crushed and destroyed in the end.

I see so many people in love and so many couples getting engaged and getting married and I can't wait until that day comes for me but then again I can wait because right now I really can't stand men... (confusion)
I would love to have someone who I can chill with as friends and share some intimate moments with and go on dates with to the movies and even o church with but anything more serious than that I am good... If God wants there to be more he will let me know but as for now I don't know if its Satan trying to turn me off from love or my heart just being Fed the Fuck Up with the Bullshit that some of the men have came to me with in my past but either way the cut goes....

I am Annoyed
I am Fed Up
I am Tired
I am Broken
I am DONE....

~No More Ms Nice Girl~

~Social Butterfly~

Published by Life of a Unique Woman