It is not a good idea to invest in promotional merchandise only to distribute to random people. It is a common strategy used by companies in the hope that someone who is passing by will look at the product and decide to buy. The chances of finding an interested buyer are quite low. The key is to be smart in choosing the right promotional items, and in deciding when to give them out.

Product launch

When you are doing a grand product launch, you can distribute promotional items. If people decide to buy the product you launched, they will receive extra merchandise. It is an excellent way to motivate them to not only come and witness the launch but to take their wallets out and buy.


Your company might receive invitations to attend trade shows or conferences. During these trade shows, you will get the opportunity to meet with the target audience directly. If they are serious about knowing more about your business, they will come over to ask questions. They will sit with your company staff and discuss things in detail. They might not necessarily buy on the spot, but they could do it in the future. Giving them these items right now will encourage them even more to buy your products. Besides, people entering these trade shows only expect to receive information. No one expects to go out holding something for free.


It is also a good idea for your business to sponsor events. It is your way of giving back to your community. Usually, local organisations are the ones asking for sponsorships. Their members are in the area, and most of them might be your loyal customers. By sponsoring the events, you are also showing that you care about your community. You can sponsor the event in cash, or you can give your products for free. You may also request to have a booth during the event where you can sell your products and distribute free merchandise. There will be lots of people during these events, so it is your chance to increase awareness and visibility.

Holiday gifts

During the holidays, people are receiving gifts, but they are also spending tons of money to give gifts. They would love it if they also receive gifts from your company. Start with your employees as a way of thanking them for their hard work throughout the year. Your employees also have family members, and they are your first targets to patronise your brand.

There are different instances in which it is appropriate to distribute free merchandise. The goal is to allow people to see what you offer and appreciate your brand. You can't randomly decide to give these items because your company invested a significant amount of money for them as part of the advertising campaign. Evaluate the impact of your effort to show appreciation to your target audiences and decide if you will continue doing the same thing in the future.

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Published by Zachary McGavin