Gloomy weather is one of the most romantic mood I really love. The sound of the raindrops that fall on the rooftop is also one of the loveliest music I want to hear. Calm rains without thunders and lightnings makes me calm and think productively. When it rains, it's a great mood to be in a sentimental way. You reminisce the good times, and all those unforgettable memories that happened to you. While it rains, soulful music or even instrumentals can make it more romantic. 

     Rains can also make you a little bit emotional. You know what? It's the best time for you to cry, because it feels like heaven is sympathizing with you; that heaven is also feeling bad about what happened to you. With that, you will not feel alone and depress. Go out and take a shower with a rain. Enjoy the calm rains outside and walk while thinking of those things with a purpose. Think optimistically that everything will be alright. 

     Me, when it rains, I love to listen to a soulful or a sad sad song. It helps me to cover up the pain I am feeling, the struggles I've been, and everything bad and good that happened to me. You try it, too. It will definitely be like a great mind therapy. It's also a good way for all those people who find it hard to fall asleep at night to take a sleep. It will surely help you to sleep very well with a nice dream. 

Published by Lira Mae Centus