“The town was paper, but the memories were not.”

Some time ago we had a subject - Literature 2 at University and my teacher gave me some good thoughts for the post.Ha, it happened from to time that I gained some new "quotes" from him and I was able to make it a post for blog. Weird? What do you think?
It was kinda ordinary long lasting day and I was sitting in a full and overheated classroom, thinking about the way how to exit that warm room full of people who kinda hates me, my sarcastic talking and commenting all the things I want, with no shame. Sometimes I was thinking it’s too much, that I am arrogant for no particular reason, but on the other side I have one reason- I wanted.:) As I am saying from time to time - you can’t always be nice to people.

But back to the whole point. I was sitting there all tired and stuff and suddenly he started to talk about Fragments in literary works, and to be honest that caught my attention. I have this weird ability to transform his words about theory of literature into something very similar related to life happenings, but on the other side very different, in the same way.

Our whole life is just a circle of series of fragments, if you think about it from the beginning. The whole day can be divided into fragments. You wake up, have breakfast, exercise or go for a walk, go to you school (job) which you hate and spend a day in this institution full of stress and negative energy till it comes to the end and you are leaving home completely exhausted, thinking about the purpose of this with a simple question in your mind: ,,Why?”  Kinda rethorical question but- you know why? Because that’s life. And there are also bad things but we have the ability to make them good- that’s the whole secret. I have always been seeing those activities like a series of photos- *click* breakfast, *click* on my way to somewhere...etc.

Well, I am not saying it is bad every time- there are also a good fragments in those shitty days. Having coffee with friends, chatting w/ that person via phone because he is too far away to meet up with him, listen to good music, walk through the full town with headphones in your ears, suddenly not feeling that small as you usually do, taking pictures of people who don’t even know I am doing it. So I decided to make a little series of photos (“fragments”) of this particular occasion- there are mostly a smear motion because I took them while walking- it would be weird if somebody stands in front of you and made picture just like that -_-” don't you think?

So here it is, some of my friends, and also people I have never seen before, I'd like to call it WHEN NO ONE'S WATCHING

Life is just full of fragments, full of memories, full of the particular moments which we will remember till the end of our life or forget them in the very minute it happened.
My teacher once said one interesting thing about the fragments which we can also apply in the real life, this is kinda what he said:

,,Sometimes, when you have only a fragment, it’s not necessary to have the “whole unit”. There are times when only the piece of the whole thing is enough, because in conclusion you don’t really need the wholeness when you have the one piece that matters.”

It’s good how it is. Because sometimes life ends in the middle of sentence; you can’t even end the sentence and it’s over.
That's why live with the fragments, enjoy them whether they are bad or good- but at least they are happening and that’s also some kind of progress in life.

Countless days ▲

Nina ∞ 


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