Since we were infants,our responsibility is given to the school,

To a able staff of strangers,whom we call mentors,

Since morning, for hours we stay,in a lifeless building,

Where we get connected to each other,like metals through welding.


A place where relationships are formed,not by blood,but by love,

A place where we are tried as gold in furnace,

A place where we are loved,as children of their own,

This lifeless building comes to life, when school becomes home.


Discipline,moral and integrity, the values we are taught,

A place where we makes memories even after we fought,

The four walls of a class,seems to be talking to us,

When our time becomes memories,stained with dust.


When mentors,become our second parents,

A family that gives us a tag before our names,

We owe are emotions,and gratitude for a place,

This lifeless building comes to life,when school becomes home

-Achsah Joneja

Published by Achsah Joneja