WARNING: This post contains strong language/use of profanity and strong content. If this offends you, do not proceed!!!

STRESS…. is a motherfucker! When it feels like everything is just going wrong. What I really mean to say is when it feels like everything is going to shits because let’s face it, that’s life and stress just makes you want to let out all those cuss words your mother scolded you for saying those years ago. 
The thing about stress is, it doesn’t give a fuck. It comes in your life at the most unexpected times and just sits there. 

You’re already trying to manage it on a daily basis and then BAM! You’re hit with a new curveball and all you can think is “FUCK.” How am I going to deal with this shit? I know we’ve all been there. 
But you know what the crazy thing is? We do deal with it. We go on. We struggle. Sometimes we cry but at the end of it all we persevere and we survive. Well, at least until the next time shit hits the fan again and you’re back to square one. It’s pretty much a reoccurring cycle and we all have our own management skills, which for some can be destructive or a positive outlet. 

Some of us go on a venting spree or rant to our significant others, while others may become introverts,  keeping to themselves. There’s always a good drop of alcoholic beverage to forget about it for a while, or Mary Jane if that’s your type of thing. And food, who can forget about food? 

If you’re a believer, you say a prayer and leave it all to Him. 

If you’re a crybaby, you cry. 

If you’re smoker, you grab a cig or a blunt.  

If you’re the anxious type, you take your (hopefully prescribed) Xanax. 

If you’re a blogger, you blog about it like I’m currently doing. 

There’s really no true guide on how to deal with stress. Of course researchers have their written guides about this topic in some book but that doesn’t really work for the majority. Everyone just deals with it in their own way. 

Life’s not always fucking happy and dandy…everyone’s story is different, going through their own shit. Which is why it’s always good to be nice to others. You never know what kind of inner turmoil somebody is going through and he/she doesnt need an asshole like you making it even more difficult. We’re not perfect beings but we can be good to one another. 

Stay fucking positive. 

P.S: Fuck stress. 

P.P.S: I know it doesn’t care. 

Published by Moe & Carina