Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. These are just some of the social media that people look up to whether for news, opportunities, or what is happening to our group of social friends and colleagues around the world. We take time to look at their photos. Guess where it is and what it is. Look at each and everyone's smiling faces. From the looks of it, everyone must be having a great time and we, the one not on the photo would think, why am I not there? Where was I when they are all having fun? Or, why was I not invited?

I guess, the framework here is, why do we bother so much. Why ask a lot? On the other side, let's say someone was surprisingly invited to a gathering. Her face appear on every photo. Does it really matter? When people talk about it, people didn't even realized that they must not have given this person a part of their time, and some does. Of course, she would spend his time to those people that made him feel his existence. Which is, in my humblest opinion... it's common sense.

Social media take over. Why did I came up with it.

I noticed that most of us have been caught up with social media. Even I am caught up with it. We assume with what we see. Find fault when what we thought we saw is wrong. We became the judge of social media manipulation when we don't get to see what's behind every photo. Just as people expressing their dismay on Donald Trump winning the presidential elections without asking why a lot of people voted for Trump. Everyone has given their predictions of US falling down when he haven't started yet. And that the benefit of a doubt was not given to him. When social media has always covered up whatever good he must have done yet the conveyed the wrong doings he did in the past. Like he can't change as a person, and that chances cannot be given to him.

Photos don't lie. Yet they are mere still images of the time being taken and not the continuity of life after the moment it was taken. In fact, in dealing with assuming social media photos tells us that our lives depend on what social medias determines to be a trend. A manipulation of our existence with how we think rather than a window of opportunities to connect people around us.

Let's make it a lesson that social media is social media and not a social life. Presence is an existence of social life and not a viewing status. Let's not become that person who lives for social media status and just live and be happy for someone else's blessings and live for the present.

Published by Sara Mae