Dear Partners
A great Word of encouragement has come to me for all of our partners. I received this Word at our Church service on Sunday morning and it is simply burning in me to share.
In Matthew Chapter 7, we read about 2 different people. One that built their house upon sand and the other that built their house upon the rock. We know in context that the rock is speaking of God and His Word. The foundation in which we put our trust must be solid. We must choose the un-movable truth that will bring forth life into the storm and calm it. One thing that we know and see throughout scripture is that "storms will come'. The Bible teaches us that rain falls on the just and the un-just. Just because we are Christians does not mean storms will not happen.
This last week in Melbourne we have had very strong winds. I know my house is built on a solid foundation of concrete, and I also know that my house is solid. As the winds pelted against our house, the house didn't even budge. Never the less, I could feel concern. The storm was blowing outside and it sounded scary. I could hear the wind howling down alongside the house and I could hear things rustling and blowing around out there. Our house stood strong! One of the nights I even had a dream the house was actually falling down. I assume the sound of the winds had gotten into my sub-conscience. Never the less, the house was strong.
I love this picture because its exactly what is described in Matthew Chapter 7. Storms might come even sounding and  looking scary, but the truth of Gods Word says that if we choose to believe the rock (Jesus) and stand upon it (standing and believing the Word over the lies), the house wont budge. The man that built his house upon the sand lost his house, but the house on the rock stood fast.
We need to not let the noise of the storms convince us that we have been defeated. We must choose to stand strong on the rock who is God and know without a doubt that God is for us and not against us.
In times of storms we need to confess scripture such as, "I am the head and not the tail", "I am above only and never beneath", "I am righteous in Christ", "I am  loved by God", "I am healed". To have the victory these truths must become our reality despite what the storm says.
I want to encourage you today to not allow yourself to feel defeated. I want to encourage you today to stand strong on the rock who is Christ. You will not be defeated. Your storm is not the end of the story, Jesus is. Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy life and love all God is doing. Refuse discouragement and you will see your breakthrough as you stand fast. Refuse to whinge and complain, and instead declare truth from God. This truth will indeed set you free.
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Be blessed saints
Carol Eddington.xx

Published by Carol Eddington