The Earth is broken. We are broken.

Recent events worldwide are terrifying and sad. I have found myself fantasizing about running away a lot recently.

My mind wanders to somewhere picturesque a few hours plane ride from here. I dream of packing up my family and close loved ones, flying out then driving to the picturesque location and building a new life for ourselves. I see a forest, a large house, vegetable patch, mountains in the distance and a farm. Oh and definitely a herd of sheep.

Safe, Peaceful, Protected.

Pondering the thought in more depth, I realise that it is not necessarily just society that I want to run away from but the world. Wrapping those I love in bubble wrap and burying our heads in the sand - blissfully unaware of the events occurring around us, cutting out reality and protecting us all from the feeling of hopelessness.

This is all because lately there is no end to violence, destruction, death, despair and heartache at all corners of our Earth. With social media and news reports saturated with harrowing and heart-breaking stories that in most cases shock us to our core, end up leave us feel discouraged and disheartened.

At times, especially now with the current world events I have been left feeling like a passenger in a wildly swerving car in icy conditions with a driver drunk at the wheel. Every part of my being wants to grab the wheel and steer it straight on, to safety but when it comes to these big events it is not as straightforward.

I write this as it is hard to know exactly how to behave and cope when the world feels like a scary place...

Watching the events that have unfolded has left me feeling helpless, sensitive and raw. Feeling like I will never have enough resources or time to give, to help to the extent I want to. I know I cannot solve everyone's problems but I want to. And if we do not, we feel the pain of our perceived failures.

Am I allowed to be sad, hopeless when there are others that are suffering so much more?

Am I allowed to write about it, talk about it and worry about it?

Tragedy is a flashing sign reminding us to prioritise what and who you love and decide what you live for. All we have is now. That is the only sure thing.

In our wildly-swerving world, appreciating now is the only way to grab the steering wheel, take control and make change, make a difference.

Terrifying, Sobering, Empowering.

The Girl Who Writes



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