Have you ever been in a part of your life where you’ve been struggling and yet you think God’s presence is so far away? Have you ever been in a situation where everything might crumble down and you can’t seem to grasp something to hold on to? You’ve been asking why there is so much silence in your life. Did He leave you in your most vulnerable time? Did He forget about you?


When we are taking an examination or test in a class, the teacher is silent, sitting in a corner or center of the class watching us as we take the exam. That scenario is the same when God gives us a test in life. When there are moments of silence in our journey, that doesn't mean God left us or God forgot about us. It is simply He is watching us as we take our test. This is the phase of our life where He is preparing us for the next leg of His plans for us. It is on how we will respond and overcome our setbacks in life. Are we still going to keep on holding on to our faith or principles, or are we going to let our problems take us?

Every time we face obstacles in our being, we should be glad for God trusted us that we can conquer those. Remember, God doesn't give us challenges that we can’t win. We just have to stay strong and keep our faith that we can get through this. No matter how big or small your problem is, God is watching and believes in you that you can win your battles. Yes, sometimes it’s easier said than done but our walk with God was never easy. The enemy is always looking for a loophole to destroy, steal and kill us so we can’t be the person God wants us to be. But God is always with us, protecting and guiding us. Sometimes we can’t feel His presence because of overwhelming events but He is always there beside us, He is omnipresent. Whether we like it or not, He is always with us.


So, let’s take our test well, win our battles and learn from it. Every test is a step closer to becoming a person we are capable of. It is another step closer to being more mature in our faith, in our main beliefs and as a child of God. Be strong and don’t be discouraged that you can’t get through it for when we received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior; He already won every battle in life. Setbacks, shortcomings or struggles are only life’s short quizzes.


Published by Tina Maria