There are times in life when things do not go according to plan, in fact, they can go completely wrong and you are faced with some real challenges.

Last minute hiccups to plans can seem like suddenly the end of the world and you can feel like there are no options.

More often, though, they are an opportunity and the process of having to search for alternatives or hatch a new plan can actually be rewarding, create new contacts and fresh thinking. If things always run smoothly, there is no driver for change, new thinking or adaptability. It is, in fact, dull.

Now I am not suggesting that you deliberately throw a spanner in your own works, but to have challenges is vital for continued evolution and growth.

Out of the ‘wreckage’ often comes amazing new things.

It is all question of perspective and mindset. Be happy that things go wrong occasionally, it leads to making things better.

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Published by Philip Dodson