Alas, he did it again.

His well-kept promise,

which he vowed yesterday;

he gave it a miss.

Again and again he swears,

it was the last time

and tomorrow again,

he will repeat his crime. 

Breaking promises now

is his way of life. 

He is more afraid of God, conscience or knife.

He feels guilty,

which she surely know;

as after doing that,

his mood is on the low.

Every time he does so,

he stands in front of God

and says “I won’t do it again. 

I promise, my Lord”.

Even, he knows that,

his promises won’t be kept.

His oaths of not doing

it again are hardly apt.

He does it, he says,

because the world is unjust to him,

and it is to compensate

the injustice inflicted on him

Yet, every time he knows,

that his reason is no reason,

but a weak excuse to

hide his crime, like treason

He knows, he must stop 

before he goes ‘out of limit’.

but secretly he knows,

he is already past that time.



Published by Doreen Eshinali