A rehab center is a facility where people plagued with addiction get a chance to start over. Treatment at a  drug rehab center allows people to explore how and why they got to where they are. If the substance your loved one is using is negatively affecting their lives and especially how they perform their day to day activities, it is time to consider rehab. Here are a few pointers that your loved one needs to be in a rehab center.

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms

When someone who is addicted to a substance stops taking it, they experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. Some withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, mood swings, paranoia, headaches, irritability, constipation, diarrhea, sweating, cramps, nausea, seizures, and hallucinations. When your loved one starts experiencing these symptoms as a result of not using a particular substance, you should get them the required help immediately.

Disregard for routines or responsibilities

The majority of people addicted to drug and substance abuse start to slack on their routines and responsibilities at some point. It could be school, work, or other things that they are required to do. It often starts without severe consequences like a late work assignment or a missed class, but the offense scales over time. If you notice such trends with your loved one, find a rehab center for them so that the situation is contained in good time. Some people lose their jobs for being late too often or neglecting work assignments. Your loved one might be at risk of losing their job or getting expelled from school for constantly not doing what they supposed to do. Those are clear signs that the drug or substance is affecting how they handle their responsibilities and that they need help.

Neglecting Relationships

With addiction, individuals tend to neglect intimate relationships with family and friends. In many instances, romantic relationships and marriages break as a result of addiction. Sometimes these people neglect relationships out of shame and guilt. Other times, it is just out of intoxication. They become more likely to hang out with other people who are also using drugs and substances. Monitor how your loved one is handling their intimate relationships and what kind of people he/ she is spending more time with. You will be able to tell if it is time to get them into a rehab facility.

High Tolerance

When a person first takes drugs, they feel the effects, intensely because their body is not accustomed to the drug. With frequent use, and over time, the body adapts to the drug. This means that the body will need the drug in higher amounts for it to produce similar effects. The more amounts of the drug the person takes, the more dangers they are exposing their body to. If you notice that your loved one requires more and more of a substance to achieve a high, it is an indication that they need to be in a rehab center.

When your loved one is in a struggle with addiction, they cannot quickly tell when their situation is getting worse. Most users always feel like they are in control of their situation. Always watch out for any warning signs in your loved ones, so that you can know when they are addicted and when they need help to quit.


Published by Charlesa Gibson