Brexit!...Emailgate!...Orlando Terror!...Dallas Sniper!... and that is just a short sampling from the last few weeks of media coverage. If this is what one measures life in America by it doesn't paint a pretty picture. We keep hearing that America is more divided than it has been in years, and according to most media coverage it would seem this is true.

Modern media is a powerful tool and has made it possible for us to learn of events happening around the world in real time. The assumption most of us make is that this is good. It is helpful to know what is happening in the world around us, but the world is getting smaller, and I am beginning to question whether there might be a dark side to always needing to know what is happening.

Part of the issue is that not all of what we read in the media is accurate information. Those who publish videos and articles and news reports often edit and skew perspectives to suit their particular agenda. Events are exaggerated in order to make headlines, because information has become big business. I have read articles or watched videos that have made my blood boil with rage only to discover that it was not the whole story, and that when I discovered the rest of the story I felt foolish for responding so strongly at first.

I sometimes wonder some times what kind of picture I would have of life in America if I turned off my computer, my television and my radio, and just talked to my neighbors, my co-workers and friends. I suspect within about a week or two I might begin to suspect that I already do live in a great country. It may or may not be the greatest country in the world - why does that matter one way or another? I have great neighbors. I have great friends...okay, I have some weird friends too but I like them. I have an awesome family, a roof over my head, food on the table most days, and coffee...can't forget coffee! In other words I have everything I need and much much more.

Now, are there places in this country where people are not safe, where kids are hungry, where elderly are lonely, and where fear is a big part of every day? Unfortunately there are, and I have had the experience of living in such an area for a time. Interestingly, at that time, I thought it was a pretty normal neighborhood. I didn't really realize how dangerous it was until after I had sold that home and moved to a different city.

It is tempting to suggest that the world would be a better place if people would just see and do things my way, but I then I realize that this is exactly the problem. In reality the world will begin to become a better place when we recognize that we are the problem. All of us! I also am aware of a solution to the problem, but I hesitate to share it because many of us don't want to hear it. The reason we don't want to hear it is because it involves admitting that we need God. Not just any god. Not some higher power or inner light. I'm talking about the God who created all this. The designer of the universe. The one who was and is and always will be. There is a dusty old book called the Holy Bible that many people disregard as outdated and irrelevant - it is in this book that God reveals who He is and what He has done to restore what we have broken.

Incredibly, the answer to Brexit, and Orlando and Dallas and even Emailgate and pretty much every other human problem can be found in that dusty old book. I would not say they are easy answers to find, nor are they easy answer to apply - and I also admit I have not found them all - but then again - I'm not done looking. What I have found is peace in the midst of all this, and for now that is enough.

Published by Dented Knight