When it comes to me and writing, it's like I'm in a different world. People could be talking to me and I wouldn't even realise it.

I started writing when I was 15. Just random things that I made my friends read, but all of it was in German. Then I switched schools and I kind of lost my inspiration to write, so I eventually stopped again. But here I am, yet again, writing about all the things I have on my mind. And again, I'm making some of my friends read it, just that this time, it's in English. It's easier, because my friends don't speak German, it's easier for me, because I talk a lot more in English during the day than in German and it's great practise as well! I really enjoy the whole language, to be honest, because it just sounds so smooth and it's so nice to listen to or read.

I usually have music running in the background, when I write. It's helpful to me and there's nothing in the world that I love more than music. I'm very passionate about it, you could say. I have a playlist on Spotify that I always listen to, because it just has everything in it that I like from all kinds of genres. (In case you're interested, here's a link! X)

One of the things, that I always have to have when I'm trying to be creative - may it be writing, drawing or whatever - is a big cup of coffee. I admit it, I'm addicted, but I'm working on it! I'm trying to lower my caffeine intake! (She says, as she sips on her fourth cup of coffee and it's only 2pm.)

This post is taking forever for me to write, I have to admit that. Why? Because I have the attention span of a slice of bread. I randomly remember things like 'Oh! Didn't xyz just upload a new youtube video? You should definitely check that out!' or 'Did you play your daily challenges already? Better do that now, before you forget about it again!' or I just start conversations with people and get so distracted by them that I completely forget about what I was writing about.

But I love writing! It's like part of my 'happy place' and it's also a stress relief for me. When a lot of stuff has happened throughout the week and I just don't know what to do with myself, I journal. I have a tiny black book, where I write into or draw the things that I have on my mind, but don't necessarily want to share with anyone. So, I'd definitely recommend that to you, if you're like me and you have problems when it comes to talking about your feelings or problems or things like that. A journal can be really helpful, you get to decide what it looks like and what you want to put in it. At first, I used mine to organise things, but I'm a pretty 'messy' person, I guess, so that didn't work out at all. If you have pages that you don't like in your journal, don't rip them out! Just take the next page and start again. Nothing in life is perfect, so why should your journal be? (Jesus Christ, that was deep.)


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