You know the kind when you light a match and the wind blows and the fire goes out?

No one makes fun of a painter, an actor, a musician; but once you hammer words, put them in poetry or a story, suddenly you're the villain in your own life and everyone hates you, makes fun of you.

No I don't think being a poet or a writer is the problem. The people have a problem with poets, but they want romance in excesses. Poetry is not just romantic poetry, it's hard work.

Not just poetry, but writing in general. Blood, sweat and tears and constantly never feeling good enough. Dreams of getting published always crushed. People think it's just words made up to form sentences that make sense, but there's more to that. It's not simply having a wide database of vocabulary. That constant catching of inspiration like they were fireflies that all writers are all too familiar with.

If you have a passion, whether it's knitting, gardening fishing, painting, stick to that. Zapatero a tus zapatos (A shoemaker to his shoes). Mind your own business. Don't judge if you don't understand. If you can't understand, don't make fun of it cos can you even understand? 


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo