My friend Brad over at Writing to Freedom put up a #PeaceChallenge last week to help the world focus on peace rather than the violence and fear that seem to be spreading like volcanic lava across our civilised life. This post is my contribution, to help inspire YOU to open your heart, connect with The Magnificent Consciousness that we are ALL part of and receive a clear understanding of your true nature and the Natural and Magnificent World we live in.

As a society we have learned to focus on the other person and live according to what is correct and accepted; forcing ourself to change and fit into the perfect box and be the perfect model citizen. This has made us all feel less than great and dissatified with our life... AND our search for happiness, peace and fulfilment began. But try as we might, to get somewhere else and be happy, we never seem to arrive; only find ourselves bouncing from one distraction to another... be it a relationship, home, vehicle, latest gadget, latest technology, friend, job, hobby...etc.

When we visit our community, family and friends or tune into the 24 hour media news, we clearly perceive the escalating unease spreading all over the world, like a contagious disease. The extremities of Power & Control, Violence, Greed, Fear and Hatred seems to be reaching beyond the borders of sanity and our weather seems to follow suit as we experience the hot and fiery vs cold and icy temperatures as they  play out at the opposite ends of the poles.

I won't go into the individual and communial non-sense and drama I hear being played out amongst the politicians, fanatical religions and lazy and ignorant people that I observe on a daily basis now... but I will repeat what I've said many times before... Haven't we learned anything from the violence, hatred and war that we have created in our past, in our pursuit to gain more land, better circumstances and freedom. We must realise by now the fear tactics to rob Peter to pay Paul... taking land from each other, treating each other unequally and building walls to keep ourselves separate just don't work.

So what is the answer? How on earth do we achieve a peaceful, happy and fulfilled state of being and life around us?

According to my own experience and observations, the only way to return to feeling the 'happiness' of a child playing, laughing and having fun with full abundance and innocence... is to take matters into our own hands and choose to give ourself Quiet Me-Time, a space away from a busy schedule and the noise of the world and open our heart to allow the natural and magnificent consciousness to reveal itself to us and our unique part in it ALL.

You'll be amazed at how Consciousness seeps into the heart that chooses PEACE... AND YOU my dear reader, are here now... to allow the following truths of Consciousness to embrace you...

  • All life is made up of Consciousness... of Awareness
  • As part of All life, YOU are Consciousness... YOU are Awareness 
  • As Awareness, YOU have chosen to have a Human experience, being aware; initially through your five senses, perceiving YOURSELF in the reflection of your Body, Mind and Environment until your sixth sense awakens you to fully realise the MAGNIFICENCE of who you truly are
  • You realise as Consciousness there is nothing separate from YOU or can be better/worse than YOU
  • Yet you know you are a unique and sovereign individual here on the Earth plane AND honour ALL
  • You realise YOUR natural state of being is love, joy and peace
  • You realise it is your responsibility to prioritise and focus on YOURSELF
  • You know what YOU like and what makes YOU feel great
  • You know that everything YOU feel, say and act out reflects in the Environment and Society around you
  • You know YOU are responsible for everything
  • You know YOU are Everything, Magnificent and All Powerful
  • You know that everything has a place in the world AND nothing can harm you
  • You know YOU are the sacred vessel that flows with the abundance of love, joy and peace 
  • You NOW allow YOURSELF to be the free expression of your unique and peaceful self, being an example of pure crystalline light

The Rise of Consciousness...


An excerpt from my book... Your Magnificent Self... A Journey to Freedom.  From the Chapter Magdalena.

I find it all delightful, listening to nature's song in between the serene silence, my own conscious breath, the notes of the a bird's song, the fluttering of insects and the wind blowing in the breeze. It brings me to a deep and serene place within the core of life itself, into a pool of nothingness. It is in this space that I begin to feel a loving presence stir deep within me, expanding throughout my entire body and outside of myself. It is as if someone is hugging me from the inside, all my cells are vibrating in a gentle and colourful delight. I feel a deep and warm knowing of being cherished and safe and can imagine someone gently whispering loving words in which to surrender to.

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