o you are probably wondering why this strange title came up and it triggered something in you because you realized this is all about you.  All about the ones who can't cook, don't want to cook and/or don't know how to cook.  I, myself, I love to cook and cook almost every single day, but I realized a couple of days ago and even today that I wasn't in the mood to cook, not because I am mad, sad or indifferent but because I had no motivation to cook and I wanted to be lazy so I ended up making myself two tuna sandwiches and calling it a night ( I only ate one). You see everyone has their moments where they just want to be easy and call it quits for the night or become too busy to cook and want something quick and/or find themselves struggling to cook; let alone cook a healthier meal.  I am here to offer some great insight that will hopefully help each one of you with wanting to cook and cook more often, because at the end of the day; we should want to cook our own food if we have the means to do so because knowing what is in our foods, how it is cooked and making it a routine will help you keep at it and eventually it will become 2nd nature to you.  Now this doesn't mean you can't splurge on some "fast food" or go out to eat with the family, I approve of all that, lol. It just means that money doesn't grow off trees, eating healthy is easier when you are eating at home and learning a new trait will only help you in the long run.  Now this won't cover specific recipes, menus, or anything in depth about food ( I will save that for another post) but this will hopefully get you in the mood to start making something more delicious in the kitchen! 


Don't know how to cook


  • Watch Youtube videos that are rated well and can show you some handy ways to cook
  • look into recipe books, online recipe sites, watch Food network and or find a friend or family member that doesn't mind showing you the ropes
  • hire a personal cook
  • get involved in cooking classes 
  • experiment in the kitchen with different things you like to eat
  • start with small meals, then work your way up once you become comfortable
  • Possibly eat canned, boxed and or packaged foods first and learn how to cook those, then change things up once you become comfortable with it
  • make some of the fruits and veggies into a drink instead by using a blinder
  • keep trying and keep experimenting with different foods until you find something you like


Don't feel like cooking

  • eat something that doesn't necessarily need warmed up (sandwiches, fruits, nuts, yogurt, cereal, ect)
  • cook at earlier times in the day when you have the motivation and time
  • If you are going to order out, then make sure to look at the menu before ordering out and deciding out of the options which one would be the healthiest of them
  • find out why you don't feel like cooking and fix it
  • cook when you are in a good mood and feel good about yourself (trust me this works)
  • make a meal for others, so that it triggers you to want to cook something for you
  • If you have a partner/spouse have them cook for you
  • get enough rest throughout the day to make sure you have the energy to cook
  • make a list of things you want to eat and make it your motivation to cook them


Don't have time to cook

  • Make a meal ahead of time during the week that will last a week or so
  • have your partner/spouse cook for you so that you can have a cooked meal for at home (if this is an option for you)
  • find quick and easy meals
  • get your day started earlier so that you can make time
  • Don't make excuses, find time
  • pick up something from the stores that is instant and or microwavable
  • Ask yourself how do you manage to eat healthy if you don't have time to cook? Chances are you probably don't or you think you are eating "healthy" but you aren't. 


None of these things are hard to do, all of them are easily manageable, even on a busy day because no where does the rules state you have to eat everyday at the same time if you can't.  But if you make excuses to eat out every night instead of cooking, this isn't good and will only make for a worse night because fast food can make people grumpy and lagging.   Cooking is a beautiful trait that everyone should have, at least the basics because eating out all the time becomes costly, unhealthy, and repetitive and no likes that.  You don't have to be a chef to be a cook and to cook healthy, all it takes is some of these steps and next thing you know.. you will be in the kitchen all the time wanting to cook meals.  Even if you don't like cooking, it still is something you should want to do for no other reason then it will be mighty hard to stay on a healthy path when you have temptations of fast food. My motto is "either cook for you, or eat what they serve and don't complain if it's not to your liking" this saying explains itself, cook for yourself and chances are high you will likely enjoy it but if you are to choose to eat out all the time don't complain when it doesn't stand up to your expectations.  I hope all of you who read this will find it inspired, and or helped you to see cooking in a new light.  Thank you for reading.


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