It's a mean, mean world. With growing platforms on where you just want to embrace anything and say everything. Those times that you want to be free, but can't. Because there are people against your freedom. Your freedom to speak, your freedom to choose, your freedom to express.

You want to say to them that you don't believe any religion. But they disgust you and turn you into an enemy. You want to appreciate another religion. But they say you're a traitor and have no place in their home anymore. You want to come out, say you're not they gender they associate you with. But they despise you and say you're only living in a lie. You want to be friends with the other race. But they treat you already as an outsider and give you the looks that is seemingly the end of the world. You want to vote for a politician. But what do they do? They throw you heaps of words that are full of hatred, anger, disgust, and malice.

When you feel like everything and everyone is against you, don't. There is always someone that is willing to listen to you. With the same ideals, beliefs, and judgment. Do not forget to believe in them. Because they always got your back. If you feel like giving up, and thinking that everything has no point, don't. Because those people who share the same beliefs as you are still standing up and fighting. Make them proud in a way that you are still there, fighting for what is right against all odds. Do not let yourself be inside the spiral of silence. 

Flip your hair and educate. Roll your sleeves and inform. Do not throw the things they are throwing at you. Instead, throw all the knowledge you can give. When you feel like everyone is against you, make them feel that they aren't.

Published by Krista Mission