During Jesus' time on the earth He raised a young man named Lazarus from the dead ( John 11). In Chapter 12 of John we are told that after Lazarus' resurrection he was threatened with death by the chief priests because Lazarus acted as a witness to Jesus' ministry. Acting as a witness to Jesus meant that more people came to follow Christ and the chief priests did not want that. 

To the naked eye, you could read the story of Lazarus and think, "wow! that's messed up. He just got his life back, now some people want to take it away" but in fellowship with Jesus I read the story of Lazarus and realised that every time you overcome a particular challenge there is the potential of another challenge just waiting to pounce on you. 

Does that mean Lazarus should have wished he never rose from the dead and had the opportunity to live life again? Of course not! Lazarus being raised from the dead brought a lot of good to the world and Jesus' ministry- as more people came to follow Him. His resurrection must have increased his faith in God and would have made him confident that his life would be safe from death at the hand of the chief priests.  

Every time we are victorious over any situation- no matter how big or small its is- we must trust in God the more! and realise that He who brought us to the point will be able to take us beyond this point, no matter the opposition. 

So like Lazarus, let us arise from our sleep and press on, upwards! The highest mountains are the steepest and the hardest to climb but what God is saying is you will get there. Don't ever give up. That is what people like the chief priests want to see but God is saying press on- I will help you. 

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Published by Tolu Ajayi