When you’ve tried everything and nothing works…
It is time to relax and surrender into the part of YOU
that has everything in hand…


Today IAM relaxing and surrendering… and beginning a weekend of celebration my 18 year Wedding Anniversary  with my husband Tom. There is always something to celebrate.

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Barbara Franken… DivineHuman Master Creator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness


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'The Human physical body and mind is taking a natural quantum leap into its own Divinity. The pure and clear crystalline light of Divine love and intelligence itself is absorbing the physical body and mind and integrating into One Body Consciousness.

This natural transformation process causes the physical body and mind to re- structure and re-balance. Old ways and patterns to be rewired and re-written and hidden dark aspects of Self, shaken lose. It makes people feel raw, chaotic and unbalanced at times, especially if they remain unaware of what is happening and don’t realise that this is all part of a natural cycle of change. Many people become unwell and enter the depths of depression.

If a person is lucky, the illness takes them into a void, a wonderful opportunity for some quiet me-time, to connect to a part of them self that is pure love and a knowing that everything is OK. With the conscious breath they can expand within themself, feel into their own true nature and be aware of who they truly are'.

Published by Barbara Franken