A month after my Erasmus life began, I came to realise that I did not miss my home town. At all.

I missed  my boyfriend a little, especially since I was so used to seeing him anytime I wanted and we both could. But I didn't miss my hometown. In fact, Madrid was becoming more and more my home. And I loved it.

Madrid was all I ever wanted in a city - wide, with a lot of trees and beautiful buildings. Not too big and not too small, just the right size. The weather was perfect for me too - cold, dry winter. 

And Madrid was lively. Not the confusing type of lively, where you feel most of the time you are in a zoo with loud animals.

You feel the whole city is like a body, where everyone has a function and they will be doing it accordingly. Even though the spanish aren't known for their respect of private area in public, it was still much better to walk around that gigantic city than on Lisbon (which is five time smaller than Madrid).

And then you have the shops.

Gran Via and the zone around it is known for its shops and the diversity there. You can go from Cibeles to Moncloa and see so many shops, you get lost. My favorite was Primark, not because it's my favourite store (I have mixed feelings about it), but because it was grandiose.

It's five floors, with every single product Primark is selling in it's stores all around the world. There was literally nothing you couldn't find there and my favourite place was the Home section. You can find  really nice, cute and cheap things there and I will be sure to take more money the next time I'm on Madrid - that fifth floor is waiting for me.



Published by Sofia