Often in different seasons of life we will have times of not being appreciated or no one noticing the effort we have put in. I really felt this word on my heart this morning. I know this will encourage someone today.

It can be very easy to become disheartened when you have put effort, a lot or a little into seeing someone blessed or helped and to not have it recognised or acknowledged. It can be even worse in some cases when help or some other service was promised you in return, to have them turn back and decide to no longer help. There are many different circumstances I could mention so I’m sure you can fit yours in here.

I want to encourage us today about the reasons we do what we do for others. Giving and loving should be the very essence of a Christian as it is how the world will be won to Jesus.

Col 3:17 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, [do] all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.


Everything we do for others we are doing for Jesus sake. If we look from this perspective, we will come to realise it doesn’t matter how another has reacted or whether they followed through with their promise. We can stand secure before God knowing we made a difference for Heaven because love will always out do hate. As we give, we bring upon ourselves blessing from heaven whether the giving was taken right or not. We need to encourage ourselves in this, and not look for some external appreciation. Know that Heaven is on your side.

Unfortunately most people tend to look at all situations from a selfish point of view. We go to Church and see how we were blessed by the service and if we didn’t “feel awesome”  we say we didn’t like the service. We tend to look to our family and friends and put an expectation on them to please us and we rate our relationship with them accordingly. When we give we expect thanks because that makes us feel like we did the right thing.

What if we chose…? Yes I said “chose” to see things differently? What if we didn’t judge everyone by every reaction or inaction they did towards us, but purely loved them and gave with no motive behind it but to know we blessed Heaven by our actions?

When Jesus was on the cross taking the punishment for our sins, He looked down from the cross at all those that had wrongly accused Him, whipped Him, spat on Him and mocked Him and said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.

In Acts when Stephen was being stoned, he fell to his knees and said the same thing about those he was only trying to reach out too in love, before being violently attacked. Wow what a heart of love and giving.

Can we say  that our only motive is to get the love of God out to others regardless of whether it is received well or people even care that we have done it? Are we prepared to not grow weary in well doing as the Bible asks of us? So let me just encourage you today. It might seem unfair or a big injustice, but know that as you give of yourself with a good attitude, Heaven is rooting you on. We can’t quit loving and giving because of the way we feel. We need to push on and do it for God. As we do it for Him we will always be appreciated. Sow your seeds of love and reap 100 fold from your Daddy God. Show the world that Jesus lives.

Are we ready to give of ourselves and be that true servant? Let me ask you…. How can you give of yourself today?

Carol Eddington. xx


Published by Carol Eddington