Has your well run dry? Does it seem as if you are out of ideas, inspiration, or motivation? Does it seem like everything you do yields no results? Have you lost your flow?

Sometimes, in life, we push ourselves too hard until we have used up all our resources. Creative and highly motivated people have a tendency to push themselves to the limit. We get so excite about a new project or endeavor, and we pour everything we have into it until we have nothing left to give. The flow of creativity has stopped and all is left is dust.

Fear not, for this may not be a bad thing. This is could be the Universe's way of saying it's time to stop and take a break. Forcing the issue will not get your more reward, recognition, or growth but only make you more frustrated. Often times, we are more focused on the dreams we haven't reached, that we forget to appreciate what we have accomplished. Now is the time to sit back, take stock, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. When it is time, to put in work again, you will know and inspiration will start to flow. Until then, enjoy the resting phase and take pride and joy in what you have already created.

Published by Kimberly Cannady