Where Are You?


Where are you?

My plaintive cry.

This heart is aching,

As eyes search sky.


Your promises fell short,

Now belief has past.

All alone it seems,

No spiritual repast.


The struggle heightens,

No joy. No peace.

Through slippery fingers,

Shreds of hope decrease.


Despair looms larger,

Entangling the milieu.

And then the light,

As words came through.


“Oh God,” I spoke,

“Where are You?”


He listened quietly,

As I ranted and raved.

Then gently reminded,

“Your soul I have saved!”


Beaten and dragged,

Nailed to a tree.

Blood pouring down,

His body for me.


“Father forgive. . .”

His cry rang out.

The demons did scramble,

Armed for the rout.


Now clearly I see,

As I thought of His love.

By my side he ne'r strayed,

Watching all from above.


And then I think I heard,

“Always believe, never doubt.”

“Until I return from Heaven,

“With a thunderous shout!”


But I must hold fast,

Gripping His hand.

My feet on the Rock,

Not sinking sand.


My joy is complete,

If I choose it to be.

For my resurrected Savior,

Promised it to me.


©David Nelson 


Published by David Nelson