I'm sure many if not all have heard of the five police officers lives that were taken by a sniper following the protest in Dallas Texas for the wrongful killing of another black man.

What do these two things have in common? Depending on who you ask everything and nothing all at the same time. Family is one thing all the victims have in common. No matter where you stand on the issue and whether you believe that #blacklivesmatter or #alllivesmatter you can't deny that what has happened is tragic. Lives have been lost, families are in mourning, and children are now fatherless.

One thing people must understand is that Black Lives Matter do not and never will support the actions the sniper took. As far as I am concerned the Sniper and the Black Lives Matter are completely different and have NOTHING in common.

So where do we go from here? We cannot stay the same. Change is desperately needed and required in order for this country to grow. But what do we need most? Love. Above all love.

Love the people that harm us. Love the sniper and his family. Love the police men and woman of this country. The good and the bad. Love the protester, the peaceful ones and the not. But above all love this country. Love it so much that you demand change and for the better. 

Love the United States so much that you are not afraid to point out it's flaws and ask that we as people change for the better.

I'm not sure where we go from here but I know that we cannot stay in the same place where we once where. We have to move forward. 



Published by Rachel Taylor