I’ve always struggled with the notion that everything, both good and evil, comes from G-d. I suppose I believe it. I just don’t like it. When I read about natural disasters, starvation, children suffering, right down to all the small, everyday problems of my own- I don’t want to believe they come from G-d. G-d is good. G-d is a loving god. So how come he causes earthquakes, hurricanes, deadly diseases? Because human actions can be explained away through free will- that’s the reason for war, for innocent people being killed- but what about things which come only from G-d? Which we play no part in?

I suppose that we do play a part in everything. Through our sins. G-d warned us what would happen if we turned away from him- and that’s what’s happening. But that’s not a nice thought. Is it something that strengthens our emunah? Realising, or believing, that our deeds cause starvation, misery, illness? Is it even true? It’s unpleasant. But it should actually remind us of our purpose as Jews. To bring Moshiach. Because when we perform the mitzvah which tips the scales, he will come, and suffering will come to an end.

Published by Lily Smythe