I see humans but no humanity.

I see mindless people walking around. People, who have lost their soul, lost their way and they have confused the idea of kindness and respect with expectation and severe misjudgement.

People preach about respect yet are so hypocritical in their actions and behaviour. And they continue to follow this path, blissfully unaware of the wrongs and relationships they destroy along the way. Being too closeminded to thinking that they are always right. But they have not yet explored outside their selfish bubble of the innocent act that they have created. They don’t give you a chance to others and unforeseen consequences; in the open and behind closed doors.

It’s rare to find true honesty.

The social norm is the world of the lost and heartless, who play the friend game and then let you down in spectacular fashion. It becomes numbing. Numb to the pain, no feeling to have of give because it’s all been exhausted on the past people who had you chasing around for true friendship. But all you found was abandonment and unanswered questions.

People preach about karma but do not realise they will get it worse because of their actions that they wish to ignore. Misguided by false truth and hazy information; they continue to live in the glamour of fake kindness and heart for entertainment.

It has become so normal; everyone has turned a blind eye. Everyone has become so brutal and controlling, following for greed and desire and pure stupidity , completely unaware of brainwashing behaviour.

When did this all become ok?

Humans have lost the emotional feeling to consequence; lost humanity in the game for social gains. There is no more energy to make new friends in fear of having to play this tiring game again.

Let’s face it; the world has lost its humanity. Brainwashed zombies and mindless robots walk the earth. Those that cry for this world’s resurrection are stifled by mass following of lies and greed.

I see people who preach for love and change but do nothing and watch the world fall into even more chaos. The list of tragedies goes on and on but no one listens. I see people but no humanity.

Humans have only been on this planet, on this universe for a minute second of time compared to the events of the past. Yet we have achieved the most destruction. We have soiled and killed, tormented and ripped apart this earth. And I fear soon enough there will be nothing left.

We think the best revenge is to kill for blood fallen. But that just makes is as evil as our enemy.

We shut out the troubled and the helpless. And blame them for our mistakes because we are too afraid to look inside ourselves and come face to face with the inner demons of our soul; of the tragedy we continue to encounter.

We blame each other, blame our gods or look to them for forgiveness but continue to sin.

Is that the legacy you want to leave behind?

The imprint of energy a dark an evil one, stained on this universe for eternity?


The world is awakening but is it too late already to save the human race? Or will we continue to destroy until there is nothing left to destroy but ourselves? Will we die out on a tragic path to make way for the next length of time in this universe? Or did we destroy it for good?

Humanity should have grown as our intellectual intelligence increases as a human race. But instead it is decreasing and dwindling, becoming a thing of the past in every aspect of our lives.

Hate over love.
Greed over need.
Social status over real connection, the list goes on.

Where has humanity gone? And can we gain it back?

Published by Jacqueline Ann Lente