What is the most important thing to God?

Is it your health or your finances? Is it your success or your future? If you where to turn on christian tv you would soon get the impression God is in the business of self improvement. There is no lack of preachers promising self improvement if we will only give to their ministry, or buy their products. The same ministers are not ashamed to make bold statements and promises on what will happen when and if we support them. And they claim to speak for God, they claim to be authorized by the Holy Spirit to tell their listeners they will be healed, provided for, rich wealthy if they only.......

But nowhere in the Bible does it say that God is into self improvement. It does not even say that God is concerned about your needs. Gods concern is your soul, the condition of your soul. If you soul is not right with God He can not and will not do anything in your life. (3.John 2)

So how do we get our souls healed?

The only thing that can heal our souls is the blood of Jesus and our faith in it. If we trust the blood of Jesus our souls will be healed. If our souls is healed there is nothing stopping God from seeing to all our needs.

So God wants to heal you, prosper you and make you wealthy. He wants you to have enough money to buy what you need, to pay your bills on time and  support the work of the gospel. But He can not and will not give you any of these if your faith is wrong.

So make sure your faith is correct. Make sure your faith is safely anchored in the blood of Jesus. If your faith is anchored in the blood of Jesus there is no limit to what God wants to do, will do and is able to do in your life. (Deut 28:1-13)

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com