In far 2010 nobody would think that two pizzas could become legendary not because of their price, but because of a currency, they were sold for. They cost their happy buyer 10,000 bitcoins ($25 at that time). Nowadays you could buy several houses and a couple of sports cars for only a half of that amount.

What else could be bought or sold for bitcoins today? Let's investigate.

Real estate

Magnum Real Estate, working in the real estate industry in Manhattan NY, offers their customers to buy property for bitcoins.

Notably, the owners of real estate in resort areas agree (or offer) to pay in bitcoins more than the other ones. For instance, a buyer who wished to remain anonymous purchased 1.4 acres of land and outbuildings in the Lake Tahoe area of California paying bitcoins.

The total value of all property, according to the seller, was estimated at $1.6 million. Another, a resident of Miami sold his house for 1,600 bitcoins.

Most often, the arguments for such transactions are swift and reliable exchanges that cryptocurrency grants. A private broker from the US stated that the use of cryptocurrency allowed to make the fastest deal for thirty years of his work. It took only 10 minutes for the customer to pay off the financial obligations to the seller. Incredible, indeed!


In the automobile market, bitcoins are often taken as payment for premium cars. Thus, the sensational Tesla Model S worth about €140 thousand has already been sold for bitcoins several times.

The first such deal had been made by Lamborghini Newport Beach in California. Then Finnish Auto-outlet Helsinki Oy adopted such practice. A few months later, one of the employees of the BitGo software development company ordered Tesla car directly on the manufacturer's website and paid with bitcoins.

There are a lot of Personal ads for purchase/sell cars for bitcoins, the same as for the real estate. Such ads become more popular than similar announcements that offer traditional payment options. For instance, some online casinos that accept Bitcoin have built their marketing campaigns based on bitcoin ads and bonus promotions.

Travel tours

A number of US airlines offer to pay for tickets with bitcoins. The Canadian GuestLogix allows you to pay bitcoins not only for plane tickets but for additional services providing onboard - lunches, drinks, etc.

There are some travel agencies specialize in selling services for bitcoins. One of the most striking examples is the Spanish agency Destinia. You can get the full range of services from buying a ticket to ultra all inclusive vacation tours.

The Executives note that after the introduction the cryptocurrency payment method the customer's flow has increased almost by half.


King’s College in the US and the University of Cumbria in the UK provided an opportunity to pay for a study course with bitcoins. More recently, The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts has joined the list of educational institutions accepting cryptocurrencies in Switzerland, and this list keeps growing steadily.

By the way, the world-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology has recently announced that it plans to grant more than 100 Digital Diplomas based on blockchain-technology. According to the authority, this will protect students' diplomas, and make them easily verifiable for employers.


While the purchase and sale of property and cars for bitcoins occur only in isolated instances, the software, applications and electronics are bitcoin-friendly.

Bitcoin is quite actively accepted by:

· Software developers (for example, Microsoft and Xbox);

· Application platforms (App Store, Yaware);

· VPN-providers (Private Internet Access, NordVPN);

· Electronic shops (TigerDirect, Overstock);

· Electronics manufacturers (Dell).

Of course, it is impossible for us to conduct a full list of products and services that could be bought or sold for bitcoins. Only a few brands are ready to receive payments in cryptocurrency. The reason is that digital currencies are still “unstable”. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency is still one of the most perspective direction that should be adopted for transforming the economy and improving market relations.


Published by Michael Watson