Have you ever noticed why the best ideas happen in the most unusual places, like the bathroom and toilet? Whether you believe it or not but the bathroom is the place that being there, you can leave the world behind. When the hot water pours on your head in chilly winter (vice-versa), you certainly become physiologically mindful.

However, when it comes to overall home decoration, people often leave the bathrooms behind. But that’s not a cool idea anymore. It also deserves the equal attraction, thus we’re here to help you pick the best bathroom curtains to match your personality, attributes and brain preferences.

So here are a few tips on which color of bathroom/shower curtains you should use.

Cottage White + Seafoam + Silver

If you are planning to buy bathroom curtains, go for the mix of Seafoam + Cottage White + Silver. It’ll give your bathroom a cottage-friendly look to the internal ambience, plus the dark grout on the floor and the shower adds a visual interest to the planes of white.

Dark Gray + Creamy White+ Citron Green

The yellow shade of green is single-handedly enough to add a signature style to your calming bathroom. Since bathroom has to be peace-filled, the mix of creamy white and citron green on your bathroom curtains will help you keep away from the shitty patches of the outside world.

Pebble Gray + Mustard Yellow

The trio of sleek sconces on curtains and the dark floor tiles will give your bathroom a completely contemporary feel. So despite being in a bathroom, you will be carrying your favorite contemporary ambience around you with no excuse.

Single Colored Plain Look

If you have a simplistic approach or you’re not a much of rainbowish individual then plain, single colored bathroom curtains can simply do wonders for you. This is the safest choice you can always go for with no regret in the future.

Coral Garden

Coral Garden Shower Curtain with floral prints can help you get the feel of a serene spring garden. No matter what weather condition the outer ambience has to offer, when you are in the bathroom there is always a feeling of spring.

 Artistic Curtains

If you are an artist soul like painter, musician, writer etc, there is always a bundle of choice to live your fantasy in the bathroom by adding the same texture to it. There are multiple choices of artistic curtains you can opt as per your will like jazz band on stage shower curtain, saxophone wavy notes, book library print curtains and much more. Also, the choices of color are huge too.

Retro Looks

If you are in love with the retro, this is a time to give your desire a new turn as there are plenty of retro-themed shower curtains in every pattern for every taste. Choose the one your heart pumps of for and refine the look of your bathroom in a matter of minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s revamp your bathroom today and give it a completely new look.

Published by Calida Jenkins