Your eyes are a mixture of shades of a colour and mixtures of patterns and dots. In order to enhance the already present beauty of the eye individuals use coloured contact lenses to add intensity and shine to their eyes. 

Coloured contact lenses are design to either give a subtle change or enhance your eye colour or completely change it. Depending on your eye colour you may need to choose a different type of colour lenses compared to your friend sitting with you. So, why not we discuss this matter in detail?

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Some fashion crazy people use coloured contact lenses, usually enhancer tints as they intensify their eye colour. While some may use opaque tints as they may want to give out a bold impression. The Halloween contact lenses you people use are also opaque tints

What? I didn't tell you about the tints? Oh well, there are two major types of tints in coloured lenses, the enhancement tints which are translucent and they match with the colour of your eyes to enhance the natural colour. Then there is that opaque tint which is non transparent and used to make Halloween and crazy contact lenses. They cover the iris completely and provide a change of colour in your eyes, albeit temporarily. Nonetheless both types of tints are used to beautify your facial appearance, depending on your facial features, hair colour and eye colour you may choose opaque or enhancement tint.

What are best colour contact lenses for dark brown eyes?

Dark brown eyes or other dark coloured eyes would definitely need opaque tints as enhancement tints will not work on them. The darker shade of your eyes will be too visible from beneath the lenses that it will have very little effect. For that reason you may need to change the colour of your eye with opaque tints.


Blue, Green and Purple contacts

Light blue coloured opaque tints work best with dark brown eyes or even black coloured eyes; it will give off a dark blue shade in your eyes.  Green coloured lenses also give off a great colour shade.

Purple colour may seem a bit odd but it sits perfectly with brown eyes as both colour come from the family of red so they will work just fine


What are best colour contact lenses for blue eyes?

Even though finding people with blue eyes is not common. People with blue coloured eyes have usually bright shades of blue, very rarely you would find dark blue eyes, finding light blue eye may seem easy when compared.

So it would be a better option to enhance the already rare natural colour of your eyes. You can add a brighter shade of blue enhancement tints or grey tints to add some sparkle to your eyes.

What are best colour contact lenses for my skin tone?

Lighter skin tones

On lighter skins like white, fair or a little tanned skin you should probably stick to lighter coloured contact lenses. Colours which will fit with your skin tone best are bright shades of hazel or honey brown. Even bright blue and green would look wonderful.


Dark Skin tones

On darker skin tones the colour should be more bold and bright. Such as bright red, in case you are looking to add a bold impression. Otherwise colours such as purple or dark blue will look good on you. With your dark skin that white of your eye is quite prominent so it is better to choose colours which blend in and make a great contrast.


Hair Colour

When it comes to hair colour it is rather easy to use coloured contacts. You may choose the same colour as your hair colour or a different contrasting colour..

Like with blonde hair you can choose a hazel or honey brown or blue coloured contacts as this is the natural colour.

Then with dark brown or black hair you can choose the same coloured contacts or bright red contact lenses or purple. They would definitely give you the attractive look you have always wanted.


So what have we learned?

So now we have three very important things when deciding our coloured contact lenses.  Number one is naturally our eye colour, second is the skin tone and your facial features. Last is our hair colour. There is also the matter of our outfit, you may also choose coloured eye contacts based on your costume, this usually happens in the case of Halloween as you have already decided what to wear. In that scenario your physical features may not matter as you want to look completely crazy.


Published by Qais Ahmadi