People often wonder whether or not God exists. Yet, instead of asking, "Does God Exists?" perhaps the questions should be -- "Which God exists?" If we put the question in that way, we have to assume the hypothesis that 'God' is a real entity worthy of investigation. If we continue to follow that line of reasoning, then the question of which God falls directly in line. How do we determine that? Does the answer matter?

Join me as returning guest and apologist Evan Minton from Cerebral Faith as he tackles the hard questions of faith and introduces his new book, "Inference to the One True God". You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here

About Evan Minton


Evan Minton is a Christian Apologist (i.e someone who defends the Christian faith using arguments and evidence), and is the author of the blog Cerebral Faith. He is an Old Earth Creationist, and a Molinist. His hobbies include anime, manga, video games, and watching movies, but he loves reading his Bible or a good book on Christian Apologetics more. He has engaged in several video debates which can be viewed on Cerebral Faith's "My Video Debates" section.  

Evan Minton grew up in a Christian home in the state of South Carolina. He went to church at a very young age. For as long as he can remember, he’s always believed in the existence of God. However, belief in his existence was all he ever gave God. He never prayed to him (except when he was in trouble) and he never read The Bible. All of his Bible knowledge came from his pastor’s sermon, and Bible movies he and his parents would watch on Christmas and Easter. In short, he had “demon faith”. What is “demon faith”? Demon faith is mere intellectual assent to the creeds of the church, and nothing more. It’s pretty such saying “Yeah, I think that’s true” and nothing more. It’s having the beliefs of a Christian, but the lifestyle of a NON-Christian. Craig Groeshel calls this type of person a “Christian Atheist”, “believing God exists but living as if he doesn’t”. James, the brother of Jesus, wrote about this type of faith in James 2:19; “You believe there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe this and tremble.”  Yes, Satan believes God exists, but read Revelation 20:10 to find out where he's going to spend eternity! If you had asked Evan several years ago "If you didn't believe in God, would your life be any different?" if he answered honestly, the answer would be "No. No it would not be any different."

After 4 years of extreme emotional darkness, Evan gave his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 17. He moved from mere intellectual assent to the creeds, to accepting Christ into his heart. He went from demon faith to Christian faith.

Evan Minton started studying apologetics in early 2011 shortly after he had stumbled upon Apologetics for the first time on YouTube. He had been struggling with intellectual doubts for months, wondering if there was any good reason to continue to believe the truth claims of Christianity as opposed to other religious systems. He had a profound experience with Christ, but he reasoned within himself “Yeah, but, other people of other religious faiths have religious experiences too. How is my experience anymore objective or reliable than theirs?” Then one night, he was scrolling down his Facebook news feed, and one of his friends posted a link to a YouTube video called “The Case For A Creator”. He clicked on it, and watched it. It was a documentary hosted by a man named Lee Strobel, based on his book of the same name. It was an hour long. He was floored at what he was seeing and hearing! Here were scientists arguing for the existence of a Creator using science! He had never heard that there was such good evidence for God’s existence prior to this! His faith was revived. He bought all of Lee Strobel’s books and studied them like one would text books. He then bought other books written by other apologists (of whom consist of scientists, philosophers, and historians) and studied them as well.

Today, Evan no longer struggles with intellectual doubts about Christianity. He knows that his Christian faith has a rock solid foundation, a foundation built on facts and evidence, a foundation built on science, history, and philosophy. Evan believes that we can believe because we use the brains that God gave us, rather than in spite of using them. He has dedicated his life to reaching out to skeptics and doubters with the powerful evidence that confirms the truth of Christianity.

Finally, Evan finds it bizarre to refer to himself in the third person.

Published by Parker J Cole