Many consumers have been asking which type of tankless water heater is more effective than the other. Since there are basically two options, gas and electric, most would really want to know which of the two is more efficient and also be able to give them more savings when it comes to their monthly consumption.

However, there are both pros and cons for each type of tankless water heater that needs to be considered. And it will always be up to the user to select which works for them better.


Generally, electric tankless water heaters cost less than a gas type. For less than $1000, you will be able to get a decent brand that will perform well for the years to come. On the other hand, a quality made gas tankless water heater would cost more than $1000 to $1300, which requires you to set a higher budget when you decide to switch from storage type to tankless type.

Cost of Installation

Installing an electric type is usually cheaper. This is because electric tankless water heaters do not require venting in order to use them. Some additional expenses that this type may require would be upgrading your power outlet to be able to handle the water heater’s power consumption. If your house is already designed for it, then there won’t be a need for any additional installation costs.

When it comes to installing gas tankless water heaters, one must consider the expenses that can be incurred for proper vents. Since it uses gas, vents must be installed to ensure safety and efficiency. The size of the gas line, type of venting options as well as the amount of fresh air must all be considered, making it more expensive to install gas types.

Operating Costs

For electric tankless water heaters, the amount that you have to pay for your monthly consumption are higher that a gas type. Nevertheless, it can also be considered that electric costs tend to be more stable that gas. Since tankless water heaters will be able to last for about 15 to 20 years, projecting your monthly costs would be easier compared to gas tankless water heaters as the prices may go really high or low for the coming years.

Sizing or Flow Rates

Most electric tankless water heaters can provide up to 8 gallons per minute in warm weathers. But for colder climates, this can decrease to 3 GPM more or less. This means that its efficiency may be different given the climate that you currently have. Considering a gas tankless water heater however will also give you about 8 gallons per minute even in cold season. It can even produce more during the hotter seasons.


You have already considered how much it would cost for you to install a specific type of tankless water heater; the next thing to look at would be the cost of maintenance that you also need to prepare depending on which type you go with. Electric tankless water heaters does not require any regular maintenance aside from the inlet screen filter which is used to ensure that nothing enters the unit. Making sure that this is clean is the only thing you have to check most of the time.

Nevertheless, a gas tankless water heater will require an annual inspection to ensure that it has a good operation and that no other parts need immediate attention.

Choosing the best tankless water heater for your needs will help you get the right equipment for your house or even for commercial use. This is why it best to read some tankless water heater reviews before deciding to buy so that you can get your money’s worth. 

Published by Maria Simpson