For most people, PDF readers are the first choice when it comes to viewing a PDF file. However, browsers like Chrome And Firefox also let you access PDF files by simply installing an extension. This means you have more options now. In addition to this, you may go to websites that allow you to view PDF files.  

With so many choices, it is normal for one to get confused. However, this article will clear your doubts and disclose which approach is better.  

So let us find out which option is better, using a PDF reader on any device or simply hooking your browser with a PDF reading extension. 


The most important aspect to consider between a PDF reader and a browser with a PDF extension is the number of features they both provide. When it comes to offering useful and diverse features, a PDF reader wins the race. 

PDF readers are full softwares that come with a plethora of features unlike any browser extension. A browser can merely open a PDF file and let the user view it, whereas, a PDF reader offers features like creating and editing PDFs, text-to-speech feature for blind, weak sighted people and those who enjoy listening to e-books. Other than that, on PDF readers you can digitally sign PDF documents, password protect them and give rights to specific people whether they can access the file or not while a browser embedded PDF viewer fails to deliver all of these.  

The maximum a browser can give you is allow you to zoom in, zoom out and rotate the page. Unlike, Soda PDF signatures and other such things are not possible on it. 


Performance plays a vital role when you want to load large PDF files and access them. PDF readers are fast in this regard because they consume less RAM o whereas opening large files on a browser may slow down the entire system.  

This happens because PDF readers have a sole function that is to load and manage PDF files, hence they do not affect the performance of the device a lot. However, a browser has to keep up with many backend programs which obviously consumes more RAM, hence loading and accessing of PDF files tends to have side effects. 


PDF files often contain sensitive information such as bank statements, payslips, credit information, invoices or home utility bills. Therefore, securing them is an option that is of vital importance which is only offered by PDF readers and not the browsers.  

PDF readers let you encrypt entire PDF documents so that no one else can access them other than the person who is authorized to. The security PDF readers provide to secure the documents is one of the reasons that many businesses trust using PDF readers. This option is not available in case of browsers. 


A PDF reader is the best option because it is easy to manage and fast to operate and also keeps your documents safe. Whereas a browser cannot give you these luxuries.



Published by sandeep Malik