PEX pipes is used for quite a variety of things in general interior plumbing becoming increasingly common by the day. They are mostly used in indoor plumbing especially the toilets. If you haven’t switched from copper yet, the next time you encounter a leak in the toilet might be your signal to switch to PEX.

Of course, if you are already using PX pipes for your plumbing needs and you are well aware that you need something to connect and cut these tubes to me you need to meet your needs. Although there are other ways to, a PX crimping tool and is the most common choice because of its simplicity as well as versatility.

 The two main types of tools available for PEX crimping are the cinch and the crimp tools.

 depending on your particular needs one may have certain advantages over the other. Based on my experience, I’m going to try and lay out the advantages and disadvantages of one versus the other. 

PEX crimp tools:

PEX crimp tools have been around for many years and are most commonly found in many households. Crimp tools are used when the metal connections are crimped, bent and formed around the two pipes with the crimp tool.


The top three advantages of using the PEX crimp tool are

·      They’re cheap compared to the clamp connections

·      More secure because the metal connections are bent around the connection area

·      Easy to use, because these are the most commonly used they are also considered to be easier to use (although clamps are pretty much just as easy) 

The one main disadvantage of crypto is that for every connection size did you have to use a different room to size. Although some cream to do come with multiple heads to fit multiple sizes.

PEX Cinch Clamp Tools.

These are the ones which are coming increasingly more popular day by day.  Since plans are different from creams because in this case the metal connection is not bent around the pipe. They are essentially tightened around the pipe and a cinch clamp can be removed as well as reused.

 The top three advantages of using cinch clamps are 

·      PEX Cinch Clamp Sizing: the biggest advantage at Saint Claire has over the others is that because of the fact that these are tightened to fit the specific page PEXCH plan to consider nearly every size connected. 

·      Cost-effective: This is obviously more cost-effective in the long run because instead of buying a different size cream to each time you can simply use cinch according to the connector size.

·      Easier to remove connections: see if you make a mistake or are you changing your piping layout cinch clamp connections are pretty easy to remove.

One disadvantage that I should mention here is that in terms of the specific connection a crimp connection will cost you more. While there have been some reports that these connections are not as reliable but I haven’t had any such experiences.

If you are new to this, finding the best PEX crimping tool can be difficult but hopefully, you can learn from my experiences and this article can help to guide you in the right direction.

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Published by Samantha Brown