Before you go blaming God on unanswered prayers, consider your motive for prayer.  It's all about relationship. If God is your steering wheel, you talk with Him regularly allowing Him access to your life working as your guide.  If He is your "spare tire" that you only access in emergencies and you play the "If you do this for me God I will...." card, then don't be surprised if your not a priority.  God wants to be part of your life - all the time.

This is a simple illustration I use every day working on the streets.  It's all about having a personal relationship with Jesus.  Not only do you have  His help to guide you through life's trials, but you may avoid them all together if those trials were a result of bad choices because you would have checked in with Him first.  The steering wheel on a vehicle is much like Jesus through His Holy Spirit....we use that relationship to maneuver through the obstacles on our journey in life to move towards our destination. However, if we only access Jesus as we would with the spare tire on a vehicle when we have no other choices available to us or because of our poor choice making abilities....then we are only in need of Him for that temporary moment.  If we don't submit to the lordship of Christ and walk with Him daily relying on Him as a friend, a guide, a teacher....then we will likely continue to make poor choices keeping us in need of that "spare tire."


Published by Dan Morand