So in the beginning of summer I started  ShyTalk, My FIRST blog ever. I would write about  life and ex, I referred to him as my "dreamman", a lot because he was with me every fuckin day &
shit just went all bad, real fast . It was crazy, I can never and will never understand how, if I explain something to you, you could still act the way me talking to you was supposed to prevent, that make sense? My loyalty was to him and if I tell him something that was said, instead of handling it properly, he wants to call whoever and confront them, like wtf are we in middle school?? You're gonna confronting niggas and we're grown. Deceiving people left and right, no wonder I feel  alone here in a world filled with snakes.
filled with people or in the same room as people. I have people that I hang around but I don't have any fuckin' friends. My friend lives in Salt Lake Tahoe, CA.  If I miss her and want someone to talk to, I have to hope she's up for one, not working two, or with her daughter three. So in all honesty, yea I'm alone. I don't mind it, it's just irritating at times. Everyone thinks they have friends and shit, go have fun with your "friends" see how long that last. I'm upset because I have given and sacrificed so much for someone. I've given them literally everything I have in me emotionally, to boost his confidence and self esteem cause he "promise it'll all be worth it in the end"  & it hasn't been. Knowing I'm going through shit myself, I was selfishly asked to stay and be here for them when I cant even be here for myself. Stupidly I stayed, but I promise you It'll be the last fucking time. All the lies and games and shit. I CANT! I"VE NEVER BEEN LIED TO SO MUCH IN MY LIFE,
someone who lies about everything!! why this is the last time because when do I get a fuckin' break?! HOW MUCH SHIT ARE YOU GOING TO PUT ME THROUGH BEFORE YOU DECIDE
 OKAY I'M DONE FUCKIN' WITH HER. you've LIED TO ME, LIED ON ME LIED ABOUT ME, TALK DOWN TO ME, TALK SHIT TO ME, MADE ME CRY AND HURT ME MENTALLY PHYSICALLY AND ANYWAY POSSIBLE. I don't understand because I was nothing but good to him. I was cheated on, made a fool of and the whole 9 yards. Fuck it though, I guess that's life.
any who i'm getting mad so I think I should take a break. 

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