It's a weekend.  It's snowing. It's the Great Scot's (aka my mom) birthday.  So obviously I will be in the kitchen attempting to whip something up.

The Great Scot loves meringues. Things requiring pastry bags and precision are not usually my friends, but I figured I'd give it a whirl anyway.

I found this super easy recipe for meringue kisses.  Start out small.  Baby steps. Besides the smaller the recipe, the least likely chance for me to screw it up.  Hopefully, lol.

I started with the dissolving the sugar in egg over the water bath.  It's not a step I recall seeing on the plethora of cooking shows I  obsessively watch in hopes they'll improve my shoddy kitchen skills. I liked it though. It put my working with raw egg anxiety at ease a little bit.


I love anything that requires me using my stand mixer. This is only the third time I have gotten to use it. I let it frantically whisk away. Occasionally checking for stiff peaks.



I didn't start having problems until the piping.
Reasons why I should not be allowed near a piping bag:
1. I do not have a steady hand.
2. I am incapable for squeezing lightly. It's either full force or no force with me.
3. I end up wearing most of the piping bag contents.



I managed to get enough meringue onto the cookie sheet to make pre-heating the oven worth while. I did have some minor issues with the final product. They were chewy. Really chewy. I put them back in for another 15 minutes with some more drying time. Chewiness resolved.

I dipped half of them in chocolate and packaged them in a ziplock bag. I put them in my holiday cookie tin and left them on the counter over night. I did not want to let the chewiness set back in by putting them in the fridge. I also purchased a bottle of champagne to give the Great Scot in case the meringues did not taste as good as they looked, lol.


Fast forward to the final taste test-- Success! I will be making larger ones now for Boxing Day dessert!

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