I wonder if you know.
How your curves against me feel so soft, your lips against mine feel so tender. Your eyes staring into mind come down pretty intense.
When we get home I’ll be waiting for you. You know, there’s nothing more that i wanna do than to hold you close to me & i can’t wait to feel you, i hope you hear me, i hope you do know.
Am going to get married today, the chapel is full of roses & sage. Ooh God, the cathedral is glimmering with candle lit divinity, crosses so vivid, the reality of his sacrifice is heart pounding and bouquets well placed i see the alter in one blink.
When we cuts into the wedding cake, lets lick the frosting off the blade and cut into our palms a promise of never ending affection. We shall drop our blood into the stream and stand under the sunset on a bridge as we watch it fade away into the far lands, a path we journey, starting now.

Lets give ourselves away into the clenches of our deepest desires. It's long overdue.
I will be good and real, yes... because I can be true and true to you, i will be.
You know I don't want love anyone, but I love you.

I never needed love until i met you. I want you to be here with me always so that i don't miss you. here so close to me, so i don't feel cold. I want to relax on my lap so that when i look into the fireplace i see you, me and our little ones.

I want to whisper sweet stories of the good youthful times to our babies every evening after work, sing them to bed with melodies of our profound affection for them and teach them to be good to life as God would want it to be.

You are home and home is where my heart is. We can't feel ordinary love anymore because i want you and you want me. I need you to know that i want you and i don't need you but i want you. Your love released a miracle of change in me.

I hope you know, i hope you do know.

Published by SilentWhisperinG (PIUSMNWILSON)