Armed with assault rifles, confederate flags and white supremacist slogans, a group of the extreme fascist right-wing calling itself ‘white lives matter’ stood on the grounds of the Houston Chapter of the historic civil rights organization – the N.A.A.C.P. – to sing the praises of police officers who’ve killed unarmed Black people and decry activists who’ve spoken out against police abuse. They claimed to be exercising their “second amendment right to defend ourselves”, despite their going into the overwhelmingly black third ward to spread their toxic agenda.

   Perhaps not surprisingly these white supremacists with their stated pro-cop agenda were barricaded and protected by police officers. It goes without saying that the response to this demonstration on the part of police was completely different from their response to Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Imagine for a moment organizers of a #BLM march carrying assault rifles and wearing bullet proof vests! You can’t imagine it because it would not be allowed to happen without some sort of violence on the part of the police.

   Noticed among the demonstrators by the Houston Chronicle was a sign which read “14 words”. It turns out “14 words” is a white supremacist coinage symbolizing the 14 words in their slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”



White supremacists protest @naacp_houston and Black Lives Matter.Is this a part of what some call the "Trump effect?

Heavily armed white supremacists standing outside out of the Houston offices of the NAACP.

America. 2016.


Today Donald Trump supporters held an armed protest against the NAACP in Houston.

White Lives Matter sounds like it should be satire but it isn't. There's way too much of that lately.

The fact that "White Lives Matter" is even a thing just proves that too many white people don't understand what "Black Lives Matter" means.


"White Lives Matter" has a silent "only," whereas "Black Lives Matter" has a silent "also." One is racism, the other a call for equality.

Anybody who thinks White Lives Matter is at all on the same level as Black Lives Matter is a lost cause. I don't have the energy anymore.

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