Guys, I am absolutely in love with this dress. It has lace and it’s white – pure magic! Kinda looks like a wedding dress, though. The dress is old at least 35 years, because it was my mother’s. She wore it on her prom night. (Now it’s mine – I’m not giving it back.) 

I felt like a princess wearing it. Too bad I didn’t have a crown with me. The skirt part has petticoats that give the hole dress that splendid look. When you walk you have to own it. It’s quite hard because it is a long dress so it can tangle between your legs, but that’s just one tiny flaw that can be fixed with practice. I love this cutting combined with lace. I think vintage dresses are based on that.



I chose red lipstick for this outfit because I wanted the Snow White effect. My hair is like hers, very dark. I made my face look pale and the dress was white as snow. I consider this for a classic look, the one that never gets old. Depending on a dress you can adjust it to look more modern, it’s not the issue.



For the jewelry I decided to wear earrings made of Swarovski elements, silver necklace with little heart as a pendant and a silver ring. Combined with casual hair bun made everything look so sophisticated. I wanted to achieve that cold look of minimalism and elegance.  The other choice I would make for earrings are definitely white pearls.


If you want to see more photographs from this photo shoot and to find out who was my photographer, where have I done my nails and my shoes, click this link!


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BS, xx



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