The dramatic quality of white wood flooring will give you the perfect light canvas to build contrast and chic appeal on while making small spaces look roomier.

During cold and long dark winters, Scandinavians have relied on white floorboards to keep their interiors light, warding off common bouts of winter depression. The rest of the world is now quickly warming up to white wood flooring, and its today become the hottest design trend for that up-market chic interior.

White floors are very dramatic and provide a not too blank backdrop for warmer and brighter colored furnishings. This contrast softens the colors matched with white floors to give a house a friendly and light aura that’s unique and trendy.

Because of their sterile and clean look, white floors have long been accepted as a standard in kitchen and bathrooms.  Most homeowners who have viewed inspirational images of fantastically light and airy white floored rooms, and now desire them are often plagued by the fear of the dramatic change white wood flooring will bring to their homes.

Are they ready to spend their lives in a sea of white?  Are the floors as impossible to keep clean as are white sofas? How do you maintain that pristine white look for years on end?

How to Pick the Right White Floor Finishing for your Space

White wood floors tend to look dirtier in high traffic spaces, especially those inhabited by your babies and fur babies. Caring for white floors though is not as hard as it is imagined to be, so long as the right choice in finishing is made beforehand.

To mitigate the dirt look problem, for example, a homeowner can use a white distressed floor finish that shows off dirt less. Its aged or sun bleached look will be more convenient to maintain.

For those low traffic areas like bedrooms, a hard wax oiled or brushed white wood floor can give the perfect aura for nature lovers especially. On the other hand, this floor finishing will scratch and scuff easily in an area frequented by visitors, kids, and pets.

Advantages of White Wood Flooring

  • The space-creating magic of white flooring is perhaps its greatest attribute. Even the tiniest of spaces tend to look larger with white floors.

  • White wood flooring has a wide range of finishes. Lacquer, for example, has a new look to it and tends to direct the eye to other features in the room. It is therefore perfect for island kitchens, or places with contemporary or abstract art as their central focus.
    Oiled and brushed white wood floors, on the other hand, have a warm natural almost distressed look that gives a comfortable and serene look to a room. It's the perfect shabby chic or beach house white floor.

  • Wood flooring will impact a very high value on your house if you plan to resell it.

  • With proper care, wooden floors can last a lifetime looking as beautiful as when they were first installed. Repairing them is also easy.

  • Wooden floors are easy to clean and maintain. They will stain less and will not scratch easily.

  • White wood floors are very versatile and easy to complement. With a few fancy rugs and décor accents, you can change the feel of your room effortlessly and cost-effectively.


Published by Zachary McGavin