I am going to share a story with you. I had a client that I was life coaching who suffered from some depressive disorders. Part of my coaching was to see her healed of the different problems she had. It made it easier to work with this particular person as I was invited to be a part of their mental health team which allowed me to hear straight from her Psychiatrist and the rest of the team working with her.

Her medical team were arguing with this particular girl that she didn’t in-fact have half of the problems she was believing she had. Her healing was dependant on her recognising she wasn’t actually as mentally messed up as she liked to believe she was.

However every time I met this client she would go on and on about having these disorders. I would go through her doctor’s plan with her and yet she seemed convince she had these problems. I recognised through some techniques I use that someone was telling her this mumbo jumbo. Long story short, I traced it to an independent counselling service that was telling her that her doctors where wrong and if she believed she had these problems than she had them. This particular counselling service made out that they were more knowledgeable then the doctors in these disorders and they knew better.

Once learning about this other group speaking this rubbish to her I was able to shut down the cause of her problem and this girl is now free and functioning in society.

The point of me sharing that story is to highlight my title “who are you listening too”. If we are going to be continuously moving forward in life we need to choose the people around us carefully. Some people will just be in our lives to de-rail our journey. In the case of my client the independent counsellor was a people pleaser and was gaining clients through telling them whatever they wanted to hear rather then what was really going to help them.

It’s always easy to be around yes men, however if we want to grow we need people that will challenge us, disagree with us as well as encourage us. We also need to be the same to others. My job as a life coach is to challenge people to higher levels not always agree with them. This always brings growth.

So I encourage you today to look around and think about the people you have speaking into your life. Are they challenging you or just always agreeing with you to keep you’re cliental or friendship.

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