Do you ever just sit at home sometimes just thinking to yourself, who am I? Almost as if your having an existential crisis. Don't worry, I think it's normal..

I mean, we all go through this. Life stops rolling or even starts rolling too fast and we feel left behind. We can feel lost and confused. I get stressed and this stress leads to sadness which means; I don't get anything done!

When this happens to me, I usually take a good hard look at myself. I criticize everything about my appearance, my personality, my jobs, schooling etc. I feel like I'm not where I want to be or should be. And it scares me. I start to think about how other people my age are doing better than I and have really settled into their lives. 

And I'm sitting here, confused about where I want to go, who I am or want to be and how to get there. Heck, how do you even find yourself? They say you start to find out who you are the older you get, but I'm finding the older I get, the more confused I get. 

Life gets more complicated and other factors roll into the equation. I know eventually, I'll be able to look back onto this time of my life fondly. I'll be older and wiser, and will think about how I thought all this was so significant. Even though right now, it seems to be so damn important and it requires me to lose my shit over it, eventually, everything will fall in to place.

I have a strong belief that there is a powerful force out there. I don't know whether you believe in a god, the universe, fate, the law of attraction.. There is something/someone out there who knows what they are doing. They know where you are heading and how you are going to get there. They will put you through the challenges you need to face in order to build the strength and skills required to get there. 

I think we all just need to have faith in ourselves and that powerful force, that we will be happy. Now is only temporary. There is so much more out there. 

We need to stop doubting ourselves and comparing, because in all honesty, there is no one like us. Comparing to someone else is unfair to you because we are all different. It's an incorrect comparison that will make us feel shit. Well duh! Its because you're both different. It's like comparing a banana to a strawberry. Yes they are both fruits, but they have different exteriors, and flavours. You wouldn't class a banana under the berry family. They are both completely different fruits. So why would you try to compare yourself/class yourself with someone else?

We need to stop with the crisis' and just live in the now. We are the youngest we will ever be right now. We shouldn't let these issues define us and take the pleasure out of our lives and even our self worth.

Just do you. Do what makes you happy. It's what you're supposed to be, so it will work out. Just doing the little things like taking time to paint your nails will make a big difference in your day. Try to just incorporate small things into your day that lift your spirit and make you feel good. Slowly you'll realize that you shouldn't ever have to feel otherwise. Before you realize it, you'll be doing the things you love, and you'll be happy--the way you should be.

Thanks for reading,



Published by Naomi Hrissinis