Hello! Welcome to the debut of myself on my trending stories! 

Well , you're probably wondering why i'm writing this little monologue on paper. 

I don't think there's much to say , my name is Nathan , I'm a masters student , i have several different passions that i love to pursue , such as acquiring personal skills , the knowledge of knowing where the greatest Chinese restaurants are in any given town (As does everyone) and thinking outside the box and offering a different spin on this little path of life. 

I am currently in the midst of a 30 day challenge , where i am forced to live a productive and enjoyable life whilst living entirely off no fixed income. Mad you say? agreed. I like to be mad. I will put up the first blog posts that encompass my first 18 days in order for you to wonder what the hell happened that made this guy like he is. 

The truth is , i hate this concept of being 'Normal' . God (or whatever concept of faith you deem yours) has presented us with an entirely blank canvas , not a tunnel. Have fun with it. Be different! 

When this challenge is over , my next documented challenge will be to travel to Penzance and back in 30 days (For my readers who are not from the UK , my Mum's house and Penzance have a difference of around 900 miles) whilst traveling on near enough nothing whilst trying to write my Thesis. Crazy you say? Yes, of course! Its all fun and games! Be different! 

My further 30 day challenges will comprise of : 

Achieving the highest rank i can in a fighting style.

Making £2000 Tax free 

Learning a language to an extent  that i can hold a decent conversation. 

Learning how to play poker culminating in entering a high level tournament 

Completing as many eating challenges as possible

And many more! 

Of course this will be accompanied by many random posts of things that come to the forefront of my mind , so yeah , fun! 

I look forward to sharing my journey with you all and the many things i like, hopefully it raises a few smiles , killer. 

My thanks to Mytrendingstories.com for this wonderful opportunites , lets go.....

Yours in debut blog posts 

Nath  :) 

Published by Nathan Barnes