This is a question most of us will ask ourselves some time in our lives. Who Am I? Who Are You?

Am I the combination of both my father and mother or the average of them? Am I the average of the 5 people I’m closest to? Am I what I enjoy, food, books and family? Am I the person people think I am or the person I think people think I am? Hmm… what about this, am I what society made me or am I what society labelled me?

Who Am I???

There are many factors that affect who we think we are and affect what make us who we are, from the community we grow in to the videos on the internet that we watch. These factors influence our choices and decisions that we make, they influence our likes and dislikes and most notably, they affect our interests. You might be interested in making music one day after watching a rock star perform but later on, you might instead be interested in science because you find it fascinating.

However, this is not to say that we are the product of our environment but instead, that our environment plays a huge role in making us who we are as a person.

I believe that the definition of who we are is always changing, always evolving from one state to the next as we continue to learn and discover new things. Our interests change with time and thus, also who we are.

I understand that sometimes it is difficult to find out our true selves, our true passions, our true character, but fret not, because ultimately, we choose who we want to be, who we strive to be. God had given us free will to allow us to choose who we want to become and not what society tells us who we are.

You are you so do you and don’t try to be anyone else.



Published by Mohamad Hakim