I am a scribbler. I scribble my thoughts in black and white, sometimes even on the white screen of my black phone. I’m not a big talker or a big sharer. I keep my thoughts to myself mostly and most of what I really say is pure crass, an attempt to get your mind off of the real troubles in life.

I am a friend. I’m the one you search for when you’re lost on a crowded street. I’m the one you think of when you wish to download your emotions on to someone. I’m the one who’s there to hold your hand and gently tell you when you’re being a fool.

I am a sister. A whiny opinionated one! I download my emotions on to you with the faith that you’ll always be there. But I’m also there for you. Through your ups and downs, through the good and bad. I will tell you when you’re wrong, but I’ll never leave your hand.

I am a daughter. A Mamma’s girl and a Daddy’s Princess. Yes Princess, because that’s how I’ve been brought up. Not a spoilt for choice princess, but one who gets whatever she wants but never fails to understand it’s true value. Even on days with limited income I got what my parents could give, and if they couldn’t give something, I wasn’t told a sugarcoated story. I was told things bluntly as they were so I knew that all good things came in good time.

I am a worshipper. Not of idols, but of faith. The faith that tells me to be strong no matter how rough the ocean may seem, you will sail through. The faith that tells me that no matter what people say or do, there’s always some good in life to hold on to. The faith that tells me that “This too shall pass.”

But most of all, I am me. I am all of those things listed above and a lot more. I am an ocean of emotions with lots to give (and take). I am a thinker who sometimes (mostly) goes overboard with the over-thinking too. I am a crier. I cry when I see babies cry. I cry when my favorite character cries. I cried when Severus Snape died. I am a laugher (is that even a word!). I laugh at the tiny little jokes. I laugh at what we call “PJs”. I laugh when I see someone laughing. I flow with my emotions. Sometimes with the high current, and sometimes with the low.

Who am I? I am all that and much more. I am me.

Published by Mansi Sharma